In Review: Getting to Know Perfectly Posh Products!

In Review: Getting to Know Perfectly Posh Products!

One of the unique perks of being a blogger is that sometimes companies will send you free product to try, review, write about, and possibly promote on your blog.  Since I haven’t been blogging for that long, and I am just coming off of a short hiatus (as you can see by my lapse in entries,) I was surprised when I was pursued to review some really cool beauty and bath products.

A few things to keep in mind about these reviews:

1.)  Yes, I have been compensated for my time and writing with product samples.  That does not mean that my review won’t be honest!

2.)  I will provide links back to the store or site to promote them.  It’s just how this works.

3.)  I’m new to this part of blogging but give my reviews a chance!  🙂

I had never heard of Perfectly Posh until I “met” one of their consultants, Pam Fiske on Instagram.  (This is just one thing that I really love about social media!)

She told me a little about the products and answered my many, many questions regarding cruelty free, Vegan, all natural, etc. etc. and then she surprised me with a majorly chock full mailer of samples, product info, full ingredients list, and more!

Perfectly Posh with Pam Samples
Here’s all the Perfectly Posh swag that I was sent. This gave me a great assortment to explore and try.


Perfectly Posh Rituals and Routines Paper
I love that this is basically a Perfectly Posh newspaper! It has relevant articles, product information, and much more.




Perfectly Posh Ingredient List
This is a booklet that explains and discloses their full ingredient list. Even though not every product is Vegan, I appreciate the transparency here.

The first thing that I did to prep for the review process was look at each product and discern whether or not it was Vegan.  Unfortunately, I had to cut a few things that I wanted to try from the list because they utilize honey, but it still left me with a plentiful batch of samples.

Perfectly Posh Vegan Product Samples
I can’t wait to use that little hot pink spoon to scoop out product. I want a handful of those to keep in my vanity!

On the plus side, the 100+ Perfectly Posh product line is mostly Cruelty Free, Made in the USA, and part of their website that specifically lists all their Vegan products.

From a trendy girl perspective, I love ALL the packaging (it’s so bright and inviting,) as well as the quirky product descriptions.   


Now here’s a break down of each product that I tried!  

1.)  Indigo Girl Whipped Body Butter – This lotion smells great!  I applied it to my arms and legs and found it to be very moisturizing, but not greasy.  The combination of Safflower oil and Indigo Flowers is calmly soothing and an overall great scent.  This would be a great lotion that wouldn’t clash when combined with other perfumes.  I also tried a handful of other lotions and was equally impressed with their pleasant scents and effectiveness.

2.)  Complexion Perfection Face Cleanser – I was definitely excited to try this one because of the promise of Peppermint which I always find refreshing for Spa type treatments.  It did not disappoint with that peppermint smell!  I used it with my electric facial brush and the cleanser did an adequate job of lifting the impurities of the day from my skin.

3.)  BFF Exfoliating Daily Face Wash – The BFF Face Wash was my favorite of all the facial formulas that I tried.  The peppermint, grapefruit, and aloe vera combo was perfect!  My face felt cleansed and even a bit polished.  I could see myself using that daily as part of my skin care regime.

4.)  Moisturize Nine One One – This facial lotion is great for before bed and overnight.  I even had my husband try it because his forehead is frequently dry during Summer and he really liked it.

5.)  Gender Bender Charcoal Soap for Everyone – I wasn’t a huge fan of this but I think it was mostly because I a not a huge fan of bar soap in general.  It had a good lather and a gentle smell, but I didn’t find it to be anything special.

6.)  Castaway Coconut Body Oil – The thought of how soothing coconut oil is going to be after shaving my legs or getting ready to show off my gams in some shorts is alluring.  So I was super pumped when this product delivered just that.  The formula is not overly greasy which was surprising since it’s actual oil and it made my legs soft and shiny.  Absolutely love this for Spring and Summer gams!


Overall, I liked the Perfectly Posh products and could see myself adding a few of the items to my already established beauty routine.  If you are interested in some of the products that I tried, don’t hesitate to contact Pam for samples, information, and ordering info.

Contact her via Instagram:

Order from her here:

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and opinions on the Perfectly Posh product line in the comments below!




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