Vegan Easter: Time to huddle around the Fruit and Veggie Trays

Vegan Easter: Time to huddle around the Fruit and Veggie Trays

Obviously it’s almost Easter weekend and as I am generally looking forward to the holiday itself, as well as catching up with my family members, this year is a little different.

This will be my 1st Vegan Easter and I already know that it is going to be a challenge.

Plus, I’m still a Vegan newbie.  23 days and counting…..

From my Abuela to my in laws, I don’t really know what to expect.  There are a lot of preconceived notions about this lifestyle and of course I don’t mind answering questions about what I am doing or even why.  I just don’t want it to turn into a lecture session where people feel like they have to take sides or defend their choices.

Even though I do have other relatives that will be in attendance with other food issues, I just know that this year will be different for me personally.

My cousin:  Vegetarian

My Aunt: violently Dairy intolerant

My Uncle: only eats salad (he is quirky, haha.)

My Mom:  has been plant based/Vegan for a few weeks but definitely “misses” lots of foods

My Sister:  Vegetarian, sometimes Vegan.

On some level, I think there is this attitude of:  just eat what I cook and don’t question anything. Not in a mean way, just in a wanting things to not evolve way.

This is poignantly discussed in Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals.  (An awesome book if you haven’t read it.)

The way that people connect their food with their traditions and identity is very strong stuff.  Especially for older generations that may have survived war, famine, poverty, or The Great Depression.  It’s almost like all these choices about food and diet is a Millennial Privilege that they can’t always understand.

Since I’m not completely sure about what food to expect, I assume that I will be spending a lot of time with the salad, fruit platter and veggie tray that I can count on to be an option.

This inspired me to start a new Pinterest board dedicated to some very mouthwatering displays of that nature.  Check it out here!

Here’s a couple of my favorites.  It’s Easter, you’ve got to have fun with it!   

Easter Cross Crudite
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Easter Bunny Fruit Tray
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How do you cope with the holidays as a Vegan?  I’d love to hear your advice and tips in the comments below!



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