A 2nd Trip to Sprouts, Vegan Food Reviews, and Puppies

So, it’s week 2 since their official Grand Opening here in Tampa and I’ve already been back to Sprouts!

It was pretty much just as crowded as that first day (good for them, bad for almost hitting people with my cart.)  Sorry, some of the spaces seem narrow for a full size grocery cart.

I spent about $85 and planned 5 dinners for the week utilizing some items that we already had in the pantry.

I bought a few snacks and stuff that are Vegan and I live for the review process so put that together and you’ve got ME, sampling things and telling you how they taste or work before you buy them yourselves.  Gotta love the internets!


Without further ado, here’s the info about some of the Vegan goodies I purchased lately.



  1.  A Sweet Earth frozen meal.  I think one of the many complaints about being a Vegetarian or Vegan is the convenience factor.  This had the same convenience and similar calorie content to a Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine meal.  Overall, the General Tso’s Tofu bowl had a lot of flavor.  I am having a personal issue adjusting to the texture of tofu.  It can be weird and sometimes I think, I’d just rather have more veggies instead.  I guess that wouldn’t be so bad either…… 🙂
general tsos vegan frozen meal
A frozen meal is a quick Vegetarian or Vegan lunch option for those on the go.


2.  Here’s a completely vegan version of a quick cup of noodles;  Dr. McDougall’s Vegan Miso Ramen.    As with all microwavable cups of soup like this, there isn’t an incredible depth of flavor.  However, this was pretty tasty and reminded me of that yummy Miso Soup that you get at sushi restaurants.  This is also another good contender for someone with a short time to devote to lunch.

Vegan Miso Ramen Noodle Cup
I am a huge proponent of soup for lunch because it’s warm and filling.


3.  My least favorite of these items was the Almond Dream Strawberry Yogurt.  This was the first time I had ever seen this brand and I wanted to love everything about it (hello Almonds,) but it just did not taste good.  I got through about half of it, tossed the rest and ate some grapes for the remainder of my breakfast that day.  🙁

Almond Dream Strawberry Yogurt
I love all things almond milk but this yogurt just wasn’t good. Sorry guys!


4.  My absolute favorite of these Vegan snacks was the Good Foods Chunky Guacamole with Tortilla Chips!  For some reason I am frequently not in the mood for avocados and I don’t like the flavor of most guacamole.  But when I am craving it, I am craving it hard and the Good Foods Guac is one of the best I have ever tasted in my life!  Even better than making it from scratch because I rarely feel like cutting up slimey avocados on my own (I realize how ridiculous that is, but it’s the truth.)

Good Foods Chunky Avocado and Chips
This was the MVP of this batch of Vegan goodies. So delicious!


I can’t wait to try and review my next batch of Vegan goodies.  This is a process for me and I’m learning new things everyday.  Plus, I am imperfect and make mistakes constantly just FYI.  🙂  If you feel the same way and need support, don’t hesitate to reach out to people in the Vegetarian and Vegan community.  Most are welcoming and happy to share what they know!


I almost forgot, I promised you all puppies!!!

Ok, just my old man dog who ignores all his beds to sit on my shoes or feet everyday.  You’re welcome.  Also, please try to ignore my well worn slippers (ewwww.)

my chihuahua Jesse napping
His bed and blanket are right next to him, but he wants my old slippers as pillow!


Check out my next post on Thursday for 2 vegan recipes utilizing FRESH ingredients!









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