321 Books Grand Opening at Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg, Florida

An ideal lazy weekend for my husband and I is getting lost in books for a few hours.

This past Saturday we attended the Grand Opening weekend of 321 Books in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida.  They have 10,000 square feet of glorious book space and we had to see it!

321 Books is finally open to the public!

321 Books is a successful Amazon seller of pre-owned books, media, etc. and recently decided to open up a brick and mortar location in the Tyrone Square Mall (which could use the breath of fresh retail.)

I first read about them in this article written by the Tampa Bay Times a couple of weeks ago.

321 Books Store and Sign
I timed it just right so that no one was walking by for a couple of seconds when I took this pic of the entrance! 🙂


Their wonderful staff sorts through something like 20,000 books A DAY.  In short, it’s some serious book porn in there!

shelves and shelves of books at 321 books
Shelves and Shelves of books at 321 Books!


Their business is majorly eco-friendly because they are saving thousands of books from the landfill every single day as well as giving millions of pre-owned books new homes!

the pricelist at 321 books
Simple pricing and extremely accommodating staff made our shopping experience awesome!


We had the chance to meet with Owner Tim Russell when we first got there and he gave us free reign to take lots of pictures and enjoy ourselves!


My husband found a $10 coupon for the grand opening that we pre-purchased.  We had no trouble spending that and more.  🙂

Here’s a pic of our final haul.  We forgot to stop by the ATM on the way so we pared it down a bit, but some of those beautiful hardcovers retail for over $30 brand new.  Basically, we were happy little book nerds!  🙂

Our haul from 321 books
We searched through new releases, fantasy, cookbooks, and much more to find lots of awesome pre-owned books!


Final verdict, if you are a bibliophile that loves to get lost in a major amount of books too, then this place is definitely worth checking out. 

Here’s the full address: 

321 Books

Tyrone Square Mall

6901 22nd Ave. N

Saint Petersburg, Fl. 33710


They are open 7 days a week.  Monday -Saturday 9am – 9pm and Sunday 11am – 7pm.


You’re probably thinking to yourself:  Where are they going to put all those books?

No worries friends!  This is why we have a fancy library in our house.  🙂

The library in our house
We converted our formal sitting room into a Library and Bar area.
















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