My Very 1st Blog Post…..A Little About Me – The Nerding Curve

I never thought I would be sitting at my “work desk” in our family room writing my first of seemingly many blog posts.  But here I am.  Hello World!  This is my blog.  Read me, read me, read me.  Ok, enough of that.

Where to begin?  I wrote this whole “About Me” section full of my Marketing credentials where I name-dropped all of these big companies that I had worked with and it came out super boring and pretentious.  It even bored me, and I lived it.

That stuffiness is just not me, so I crumbled up that draft (so to speak) and just started writing from the heart.  There are a few things about me worth knowing as you decide if you want to continue reading my blog or not and I like to think of them as FUN FACTS instead of credentials or a resume.

The Nerding Curve is my first public debut at blogging. Although, I have been writing down my thoughts, memories, emotions, etc. etc. since I could put crayons to paper.  However,  the main reason that this blog came to be right now is because I realized that my nerdy, gamer, geek, insert another adjective here, husband was turning me into a nerdy gamer geek.  And then I realized, I was clearly ALWAYS a nerd, because let’s face it, nobody TURNS that quickly and maybe he just made my inner nerd comfortable enough to show itself.  And the only thing nerdier than being a self-confessed nerd is sharing all aspects of that with the world and poof, this blog was born!


So, here goes:  5 Fun Facts About Laura! 

1.)  I’m a Newlywed! (YAY!) And married to a great guy.  Truly my better half, the love of my life, and my best friend.  Really, my life wouldn’t be the same without him.


laura bailey, the nerding curve
My husband and I at our Wedding on July 11, 2015.


2.)  We have a 3 legged, 5 pound, white and tan Chihuahua. He is our fur baby and has a typical Chi personality (read: insane.)  I will probably write about him from time to time or at least post pictures because he’s just so adorable!!  For a counter perspective, my husband has nick-named him a “tiny terror.”  Draw your own conclusions.

Jesse our chihuahua
Jesse takes the cutest naps.
Our chihuahua Jesse in his bed
Our puppy relaxing in his new, fancy bed. 1 of 3 because he’s spoiled! 🙂


3.)  I LOOOOVVVVEEEE to read.  As a kid, you could frequently find my head buried in a book and to this day, I always have a stack of at least 3-4 books on my nightstand that I am reading concurrently.  Since my husband shares my insane love of books, we just had to make one of the rooms in our home a dedicated library.  Our library has nothing in it except shelves of books and comfy chairs.  Doesn’t get much better than that……  🙂


4.)  My husband and I started an online business together 2 months before our wedding (read: also insane) and now have 2 eCommerce stores up and running.  Con Couture just celebrated a 1st Business Birthday!  Our plan is to keep adding to it so that I never have to dress myself and clock into a corporate cubicle every again.

We sell fun things.  Take a little looksy:


5.)  I am interested in trying to live a Vegetarian and (ultimately Vegan) lifestyle.  If you keep reading, I will amuse you with tales of how this goes down in our house!  🙂


Well that’s it.  Those are my 5 starter fun facts and it’s only going to get fun-ner (this being a word is debatable, but it should sooo be a word already.)  You have to stick around to learn the rest.

With this blog, I hope to share my insight on a wide range of topics:  being a newlywed/wife, obviously everything nerd and nerd related, recipes, a vegetarian (aspiring vegan) lifestyle, TV, life, our business Con Couture, and most importantly:  The Nerding Curve!

So welcome, stay awhile and nerd out with me.

Nerdily, Laura

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