Let’s Talk About This Whole Vegan Thing…….

Vegetarian.  Vegan.  Why?  This is where my quest to understand and ultimately (attempt) to conform to this lifestyle began.  I say “attempt” because even with all the knowledge I now have, I still have had false starts to change my eating habits for the better.  I mean, haven’t we all?  No matter the new diet, new workout plan, new “new years resolutions”….some things stick and some things just don’t.  I never even intended to include this part of my life on this blog, but it has come to the point where I need accountability and I think a public version of this will keep me honest.

Plus I want to share success, motivate others, and of course showcase yummy recipes.

So at this point, I’ve probably (if not for sure,) almost lost a few of you because no one wants to hear a holier than thou person wax poetic about being that way.  “Kale is delicious dahling and eating Quinoa is the most satisfying accompaniment to any meal.”

NO!  Kale is bitter and Quinoa sucks by itself.  Seriously, lets be honest!  I don’t crave those things and every picture I’ve seen of so called “raw food diets” just made me sad and deepen my desires for the occasional Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

But, I did watch Cowspiracy and I RESPECT having self-control when it comes to food.  I am not a scientist, doctor, or nutritionist, but I can tell you with certainty that my body feels great/better after today’s lunch which consisted of:  A Home-made Salad with Panera Fuji Apple Dressing (which is Vegan, yay!) and a plate of Broccoli and Cauliflower Florets with Hummus (store bought FYI) for dipping INSTEAD of yesterday’s lunch:  9 Bagel Bites and a Coke.

I’ve read numerous books and watched countless documentaries about Factory Farming, The Environment, Climate Change (or Global Warming whether you believe it or not,) Diet, Exercise, etc.  And the truth is, we all know the right things to do to be healthy and/or lose weight.  Sometimes, we just don’t want to do them.  And I completely understand that.  Adding my Vegetarian/Vegan story to this blog isn’t about being judgemental or condescending.  If you eat a salad one day and a porkchop the next, I’m not going to chastise you for that porkchop.  But we should talk about it.  This blog is about compassion, understanding, experience, success, and failure!  Because this entire movement is based on compassion, understanding, experience, success, and yes, even failure.

I just turned 32 and I believe that it’s never too late to change or form better habits.  I am reminded why I am on this journey to compassionate eating and living when I look into the eyes of my sweet aging dog.  He trusts me and he loves me and I am the gateway to his entire life.  I can provide him immense joy or fearful disappointment.  And just when my eyes get a little teary because I think about how wonderful his companionship is, I am forced to ask myself, how is it any different than pigs, cows, or chickens?  Are they not also sweet animals who look into our eyes with the same love and trust?

Chihuahua and Punisher toy
My Chihuahua Jesse just hanging out with the Punisher on his blankie. NBD of course.

One of my favorite quotes about this movement was published on the Mercy For Animals blog a few days ago:

“Our society has drawn a line between eating cows and pigs, and eating dogs and cats and there’s no real reason for it.” – John Fiske

As hard as it is to admit sometimes, it is my belief, that he is completely right. 

Nerdily, Laura

P.S.  This blog post is dedicated to my sister who was the catalyst for this adventure and who patiently corrected me every time I offered her “fish” as a vegetarian meal option until the light bulb finally went off.  🙂  

And also to my supportive husband who calmly eats everything I cook without complaint, Vegetarian, Vegan, or otherwise.  😉

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