Comic Book Reading 101 – The Walking Dead Edition

Apparently, I’m officially a reader of comic books.  That sounds so weird to say.  I think that’s something I’ve always associated with complete nerds, but alas, here we are.  The seeds for this nerdy comic book adventure were planted when my (now) husband took me to my first Comic Con a few years ago while we were still dating.  Taking all of that in for the 1st time is something else.  I stared in awe at many things, we shopped for Barbie collectibles and anything Hello Kitty (very hard to find btw which is contrary to the current convention attendance landscape, but that’s a business prophecy for another day.)

We shopped, we haggled for vinyl (also a rare but cool find at the Con,) and we also haggled for the 1st three trade paperbacks in Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead series. 

Lots of life happened between when we purchased them and when I started reading them and they ended up safely on the shelf in the library of our new home in 2014.

Now I truly fell in love with AMC’s The Walking Dead almost instantly upon seeing bed-ridden Rick and his bestie Shane (I think Jon Bernthal is a very talented actor,) but it wasn’t until the Negan Finale of this year that I decided to read them.

Why now you ask?  DESPERATION!!!  My soul yearned for more Walking Dead information in the days that immediately followed Negan and Lucille and I told myself that between reading the comics AND Fear the Walking Dead, I MIGHT make it until October.  Might.  And it began….

Love this image of Negan squared from
Love this image of Negan squared from

Trade paperbacks are cool because they have more of a “book” feel to them and there’s multiple comics in there.  I’m a fast reader so that makes me happy.  When I first started reading, I was like I don’t ever see myself getting past these pictures or the spelling out of stupid Zombie sounds but before long, I didn’t even notice those things.

Once I made it through the 1st three Trades, I was hooked!  I was all Wednesday Addams post Harmony Hut visit: 

One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies: Addams Family Values!


And my husband was quick to oblige because he wants me to want to read comics!  If I had a dollar for every time over the last few years that he said “you should read the comics” in reference to The Walking Dead, I could buy myself a killer pair of pumps.  But instead, I’m going to buy more Walking Dead Comic Books!  Well actually, the trade paperbacks because I want it to be a complete set when I’m done with it.  The Compendiums are even more comics in one, but I like the covers on the trades much better.  And my normal self doesn’t appreciate that I am thinking in these terms, but my nerd self is all like, “of course you want the set to match with the most awesome cover art.”  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a Walker Date with these 2:

Walking Dead Trade Paperbacks
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Nerdily, Laura


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