Clash of Clans….How Romantic!

Yesterday my husband gave me an awesome and heartfelt compliment.  I was playing Clash of Clans, I raided someone, I destroyed them, and so of course, I showed him the spoils.

“If only alllll my raids could be like this.  Look at all the resources I got babe!”  I exclaimed.

(For the record:  150k+ in gold and 250k+ in elixir, plus good dark elixir.)

Clash of Clans Raid
My raid results.

His response:  “Of course babe, you eat Townhall 8’s for Breakfast now.”

Awwwwww.  I smiled.  I swooned.  I beamed because my husband complimented my Clash of Clans skills.  I see your narrowed eyes staring at me through the computer screen.  Don’t judge me.  It’s our Marriage and we’ll Clash if we want to.  🙂

I remember when I first learned about Clash of Clans and hated it!  Ok, hate is a bit strong but I definitely wasn’t interested.  And he started playing and he was ALWAYS raiding or updating or whatever.  And it really frosted my cookies.  Until 3 Christmas’s ago when he bought me an iPad Air (the best thing ever) and he ever so innocently asked if he could download Clash of Clans on my new toy.

“Can I download Clash of Clans on your iPad babe?  I want to see what it looks like on a larger screen with great graphics.”  He said.

Relishing the afterglow of my awesome Christmas gift and feeling generous, I was all like “Sure babe, whatever you want.”

So he did.  He downloaded Clash of Clans and set the game up on my iPad.  “It looks awesome!”  He exclaimed and showed me the screen.  Under the guise of me “checking it out,” he handed me the iPad and went back to his own clan on his phone.  As I collected my 1st super tiny amount of gold and elixir from my newborn baby collectors, it was like something switched inside of me and I….couldn’t…..stop…..playing……

The rest as they say is history!  Almost a year later of being in a clan together, he and I now rock a Townhall 10 and Townhall 9 respectively.  We play daily.  We have 2 bases each:  a  main base and a “baby” base.  I can’t believe how fun, addictive, and competitive it is.

Although we L.O.V.E. Clash of Clans, recently we’ve had a slew of what I would call First World Clan Problems.

Here’s our top 5:

  • I have soooooo much gold, no builders available.  🙁  #firstworldclanproblems
  • I have so much elixir but every upgrade in the Research facility takes 7, 10, or 14 days. Those days = weeks Clash of Clan makers!?!  No I don’t want to spend real money on gems and it feels uber long when you are checking it daily.  🙁  #morefirstworldclanproblems
  • Not having one of your heroes for a Clan War is akin to probably the worst thing that can happen to you in COC. I miss them when they’re under construction.  🙁  My hubby calls it the “price of progress” and he’s right but still, it stinks.
  • They need to add a chat feature where you can trash talk your opponents leading up to and during the clan war. I mean, HOW AWESOME would that be?!?  They probably won’t though because people would act crazy.  #somepeoplearesobasic
  • The Price of the Walls!?!  I think this goes without saying.

    (This pic from made me chuckle so I had to share.)






What do you love or not about Clash of Clans?  What do you think they should change or improve?   Your feedback in the comments about this topic would thrill me because I love talking about my bases with all who will listen.  😉




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